Does Del Ad install any unwanted software on my PC?

Does Del Ad install any unwanted software?

The Del Ad installer does not contain any unwanted software. It is certified malware free from all major antivirus software.

If you find that you have unwanted software on your PC after installing Del Ad, you did not run the Del Ad installer, but some other software, which may have installed unwanted software besides running the original Del Ad installer.

Unfortunately, many Internet websites that provide free software downloads, such as (CNET) or, have started wrapping legitimate software with their own fake installer in order to generate extra money. Besides installing the original software, the fake installer typically attempts to install other unwanted software, such as adware, browser toolbars, or even malware.

We strongly recommend that you avoid download portals such as or, i.e. do not run any software from an untrusted source. Instead, use a search engine to locate the manufactures website and download the software directly from the manufactures website you trust.

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