Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about purchases and licensing.

What do I receive when I purchase a license for Del Ad?

When you purchase a license for Del Ad, you will be emailed a receipt for your order and an e-mail that contains a license key for Del Ad. There is no physical shipment. This license key can be used to activate the evaluation version of Del Ad, which turns it into a retail version that can be used indefinitely. Instructions on how to use the license key can be found in the license key e-mail.

The purchase includes one month complimentary Three Business Day e-Mail Support from the date of purchase and free updates for the first year from the date of purchase. For more information on updates, see the Update FAQ.

After I purchase Del Ad, how long does it take to receive the license key?

Once the purchase is completed, the license key will be sent out instantaneously. If you do not receive your license information within a few minutes, please check your Spam filter inbox.

In rare cases, the order process may require up to one business day if the order requires addition verification, for instance when you enter invalid or false data in the purchase form.

Del Ad licenses are sold through our reseller FastSpring. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact FastSpring at Please provide your order reference number when you contact FastSpring.

Do I pay once for a license or does the license expire at some time?

The Del Ad license is a full retail license. The license is NOT a subscription that needs to be renewed periodically. You pay once and you can use the license as long as you please with the version of Del Ad that is available at the time of your purchase.

What technical support options are there?

Together with your purchase, you will receive one month complimentary e-mail support from the date of purchase. A support ticket must be opened through the Del Ad Support Request form.

The purchase price does not cover phone support or any other one-on-one support that requires assistance of a technical support engineer.

Can I install Del Ad on more than one computer?

Like most software, Del Ad is licensed per computer, meaning you have to purchase a license for every computer that you wish to install the software on. If you prefer, you may purchase a family license which allows you to install Del Ad on up to five computers in your private household.

If I decide to purchase a family computer license at some later time, can I still get a discount?

No. If you think you may need more than one license, please take advantage of the discounts offered by a family license.

Will Del Ad continue to work when I purchase a new computer?

Yes. You can simply uninstall Del Ad from the old computer and install the software on your new computer using the same license key. Note, that if do not replace the old system but use both the old and new system, you may not use a single-computer license on both computers.

I do not have a credit card. Can I still order Del Ad?

In addition to credit cards, you may choose 'PayPal' in the purchase form. PayPal is an international payment processor and offers an alternate and secure method of payment. PayPal is offered in many different countries, and often you can use your bank accounts or checks to deposit money in your PayPal account. For details, see

We do not accept payments using bank or wire transfer, checks, or any other payment services.

I do not wish to purchase online. Can I still order Del Ad?

No. We can only provide you Del Ad for such a low price partly because our web-store is fully automated. The cost of processing for a manual order is too high as it involves providing you with a proper invoice, issuing the license keys, updating TAX records, filling out export forms, and much more.

I no longer wish to use Del Ad. Can I return the product and get a refund?

MGTEK will not refund your purchase of Del Ad once the invoice and license key has been sent out. Del Ad is delivered electronically via e-mail, and just like other products delivered electronically, it is not possible to return the product.

We offer a free 30-days evaluation period that you can use to evaluate Del Ad. We feel that the 30-days trial version gives you sufficient opportunity to rule out any problems. The trial is fully functional, and has no limitation except a 30-days time limit. If you are not satisfied with the software, do not purchase it.

If you have problems using the software, please visit Del Ad technical support.

How do I recover a lost license key?

If you have purchased a license from our reseller FastSpring via the Del Ad homepage, please contact FastSpring at When you contact FastSpring, ask them to locate your Order Details; the order details contain the license key that was originally sent to you. For identification purposes, use the same e-mail address that you used when you purchased Del Ad.

If you have purchased your license from a different reseller, we are not able to recover your license key. You may be able to obtain the license key from the reseller if you provide sufficient identification.

It is your responsibility to safeguard your purchase, so make sure you print the license key and store it in a safe place! The purchase records are not kept indefinitely, and our resellers may not be able to recover your license key in the future.

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