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What is the update policy for Del Ad?

Del Ad has the same update policy as most commercial software:

When you purchase a license for Del Ad, you get a license for the latest version of Del Ad that is available at the time of purchase. If a new version is released and you wish to upgrade, you will need to purchase an upgrade license for the new version.

How much does a software upgrade license cost?

Software updates for Del Ad are free for the first year from the date of purchase. If you choose to purchase an upgrade license, you will be offered a discounted price at currently 50% of the retail price. The discounted pricing is only available to customers who own a license for a previous version of Del Ad.

As a special thanks to loyal customers, we offer customers who previously purchased a family license the upgrade price of a single-user license.

Will I be forced to update to a new version of Del Ad?

No. If you purchase a license for Del Ad, you will be able to use the version that was released at the time of purchase as long as you please. You will only need to purchase an upgrade license if you want to take advantage of the new features included with the update.

How do I upgrade my license to the latest version of Del Ad?

In order to upgrade, simply install the latest version of Del Ad. The software will automatically determine your upgrade eligibility and provide you with instructions if you need to purchase an update license.

What kinds of changes were included in previous software updates?

For a list of changes that were included with previous software releases, click here.

How can I be notified when an update is available for Del Ad?

To receive news on Del Ad, subscribe to the news-feed on the Del Ad homepage:

If you do not know what a news-feed is, see this article on Wikipedia.

We do not provide notifications via e-mail.

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